BEECH Training ... Do It YOUR WAY

Add-on Rating, Transition, Recurrent, and Instructor training tailored to your needs in your Bonanza or Baron 

 Who I AM and What I do

I'm Bryan, I have loved aviation since getting into it in 2010, since then I have flown over 800 hours.  I currently fly a club A36 Bonanza and own a B55 Baron which I have over 150 hours in each type and have taken them as far west as Wisconsin and as far south as North Carolina.  I fly frequent XC trips in both, in most weather conditions and conduct flight training out of the Nashua NH area.  I hold a CFI, CFII and MEI rating allowing me to instruct in either single or multi-engine aircraft.

My goal is to help pilots transition and stay current/proficient in the range of Beechcraft Baron and Bonanza aircraft.  Working with pilots I build an individualized syllabus and training plan based on government and industry best practices from FAA, NAFI and the American Bonanza Society (ABS) , and the types of flying with input from the student on their needs and desires.  This all happens in your aircraft so that once the training is done, you're ready to fly no wondering how this works with your equipment

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Member National Association  

of Flight Instructors 

FAA Safety WINGS Level 3 Master Pilot

ABS Flight Instructor Academy Graduate